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Sunpentown RF 320S Double Door Refrigerator Can Fit To Any Kitchen Space

posted this on Jan 28 08:58

One of its small fridges model is the RF-320S:. It is a first class performance and good quality product that has all the basic aspects of small fridge and more. The features of this appliance are likable for a product of its size.

It offers a 3.2 cu ft capacity and the dual door design divides it into the fridge and freezer compartments. The dimensions of the appliance are a width of 18inches and a depth of approximately 21 inches. The height is 33.7 inches which is comparatively taller for compact and small-sized refrigerators. The weight is 54 Lbs and it has a sleek and lean appearance because of the added height. The reasonably condensed size allows the placement anywhere, including small corners as well as countertops. Also, the door is of reversible design which allows you to position it to right or left side for opening.

The features of this appliance are impressive for a [mini-refrigerator] ( . The fridge compartment has two shelves that are removable to offer storage space flexibility. One of these is a glass shelf while the other is wire. There is also a transparent storage drawer available to keep fruits and vegetables in order to maintain their freshness and prevent them from being affected by the constant opening and closing of the refrigerator door. This drawer is also detachable and can be taken out when not needed to make more space. It is easy to install because it's a free standing product. The feature of front leveling legs is also present.

The mechanical thermostat allows setting of the inside temperature and has the option of setting seven temperature levels depending on the type of food to preserve and the season outside. The door has additional space in the form of a can dispenser and tall bottle racks. These being mounted to the door does not take up any fridge space. Additionally, the freezer compartment provides an ice cube tray to store and freeze ice for use. The freezer compartment has a lower temperature and is reasonable to store frozen foods and ice creams etc. Last but not the least, the energy consumption is effective. It is 351kWHrs annually which makes the product energy efficient is design and cost effective to maintain. Calculations indicate that the energy that it consumes throughout the year will cost approximately $30USD. In addition, it is also environment friendly being HCFC free.

Overall, the RF-320S is a good investment for it delivers quality, value and performance along with fine features in a compact size. Different models of Sunpentown mini refrigerators can be found here: